lsfs Zeigt alle filesysteme – man kann greppen.
lsfs -q (fs) Zeigt alle filesysteme mit details.
lsjfs Displays data about all filesystems in CSV style format

mount Lists all the mounted filesystems
mount (fs or lv) Mounts a named filesystem
mount -a Mounts all filesystems
mount all

mount -r -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom mounts cd0 drive over /cdrom

crfs -v jfs -d(lv) -m(mount point) -A yes
Will create a file system on the whole of the logical volume, adds entry into
/etc/filesystems and will create mount point directory if it does not exist.
( use -v jfs2 for JFS2 filesystems )

crfs -v jfs -g(vg) -m(mount point) -a size=(size of fs) -A yes
Will create a logical volume on the volume group and create the file system on
the logical volume. All at the size stated. Will add entry into
/etc/filesystems and will create the mount point directory if it does not exist.

Use attribute „-a log=/dev/log01“ to specify a jfslog devices
Use attrubute „-a bf=true“ for a large file enabled filesystem

chfs -A yes (fs) Automount einstellen – FS wird beim booten angezogen.
(sieht man in /etc/filesystems)
chfs -a size=(new fs size)(fs) Größe des FS verändern: file system
chfs -m (new-mount-point) (fs) Change the file system mount point.

rmfs (fs) Entfernt das Filesystem und das Logical Volume.
Entfernt den Eintrag in der /etc/filesystems.
rmfs -r Entfernt auch den Mountpoint

defrag -q (fs) Reports the fragment status of the file system.
defragfs -r (fs) Runs in report only defrag mode (no action).
defragfs (fs) Defragments a file system.

fsck (fs) Verify a file system, the file system must be unmounted!
fsck (-y or -n) (fs) Pre-answer questions either yes or no !
fsck -p (fs) Mit -p wird ein korrupter Superblock durch die Kopie ersetzt.

Erster Superblock:
JFS: lquerypv -h /dev/lvname 1000 100
JFS2: lquerypv -h /dev/lvname 8000 100
Zweiter Superblock:
JFS: lquerypv -h /dev/lvname 1F000 100
JFS2: lquerypv -h /dev/lvname F000 100
Kopieren der zweiten Kopie in die erste:
JFS: dd count=1 bs=4k skip=31 seek=1 if=/dev/LVName of=/dev/LVName
JFS2: dd count=1 bs=4k skip=15 seek=8 if=/dev/LVName of=/dev/LVName