exportfs Lists all exported filesystems

exportfs -a Exports all fs’s in /etc/exports file

exportfs -i exports a Filesystem „instant“ without an entry in /etc/exports

exportfs -u (filesystem) Un-exports a filesystem

mknfs Configures and starts NFS services

rmnfs Stops and un-configures NFS services

mknfsexp -d /directory Creates an NFS export directory

mknfsmnt Creates an NFS mount directory

mount hostname:/filesystem /mount-point Mount an NFS filesystem

nfso -a Display NFS Options
nfso -o option=value Set an NFS Option
nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_port=1

showmount -a [hostname] zeigt alle NFS Mounts
showmount -d [hostname] zeigt alle Directories, die von Clients gemountet wurden
showmount -e [hostname] zeigt alle exportierten Verzeichnisse
(die lokale Information findet man auch in /etc/rmtab und /etc/xtab)